We Stay Close to The Original Car

As a top model car manufacturer, we have strict rules for production. For each model car, you will find it perfect in details.

It's About Beauty & Technology

For each car, it's a complex of beauty and technology. Model cars from paudimodel make no sacrifice between them.


As a car model manufacturer distributor for more than 10 years, paudimodel has become one of the leading model car suppliers in the world. With close collaboration to car brands, we are able to provide model cars for various car brands including Infiniti, Audi, Volkswagen and more.

Over the years, we have collaborated with major international participators in the world such as shipping companies including DHL, UPS to make our services and products closer to our customers and clients worldwide.

Wholesale Quality Diecast Cars

100% reproduction of the original cars. 1/18, 1/43 available.

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kevin Liu

Kevin Liu is the CEO of paudimodel. He is a specialist in the model car industry and he is also open-minded. Working with him...

Silvia Luo
Assisstant to CEO

Silivia Luo is the assisstant to CEO. She helps managing the company and is also the OEM manager here at paudimodel.

Edward Lu

Edward Lu is the assisstant to project manager. He is also managing paudimodel shop on amazon.

Should you have any questions, just drop us a line.

Timothy Chan
Department Manager

Timothy Chan is the manager of online international sales channel. He helps to create online sales channel including paudimodel.com/wholesale and all others.

Seifer Jun
Marketing Specialist

Seifer is managing sales channels at the homeland.

Cherry Chan
Marketing Specialist

Cherry Chan is one of the best international marketing specialists from Paudimodel.

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