Development History

Our Mileage

  • 2007


    Paudi Model Established

    In March 2007, we created Paudi Model, in Guangzhou, China.

  • 2008

    Guangzhou Science Museum model Cars exhibition hall

    In 2008, built model exhibition hall of Guangzhou science museum with South China University of Technology



  • 2009


    Cooperated with KIA South Korea to develop model car

    In 2009, cooperated with KIA South  Korea  to production model car.

  • 2010

    Paudimodel High-quality series model cars birth

    Paudi Model’s first product 1:18 INFINITI FX50 model car was launched, and Pudi became the first Chinese brand car model company.



  • 2011


    Became the designated model car manufacturer of GM

    In 2011, became the designated model car manufacturer of GM.

  • 2012

    Become a good partner for automotive manufacturers

    In 2012, became the designated model car manufacturer of NISSAN, KIA, TOYOTA,VW.



  • 2013


    Listing at the Guangzhou Equity Exchange Center

    To be listed in equity trading center in Guangzhou;

    Stock code:890409

  • 2014

    Paudi Model through the joint-stock reform




  • 2015


    Product categories continue to expand

    The paudi model brand porducts for sale and in research and development reached 15 categories.

  • 2016

    Acquisition Transione, created IMOELCAR electronic business platform

    In 2016.Acquisition Transione, created electronic business platform



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PMTL is a model technology and products import and export trade service company which is committed to simulation model & advertising gifts design, manufacturing, sales.

The factory has passed strict inspections by major automobile manufacturers to meet the production cycle requirements and quality requirements of automobile manufacturers.

PMTL was established in 2007. Over the past ten years, all employees of PMTL have made painstaking efforts and participated in the global economic competition with an open attitude, and gradually developed into a well-known brand in the automotive model industry.

We don’t want to miss every detail that can be modified. We always pursue the best, we always take customer satisfaction as the starting point. We firmly believe that the best product quality can reflect the value of the company.

The sustainable development of a company comes from society. We adhere to the management integrity and continue to carry out targeted poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and child welfare services.

We are committed to the majority of job seekers and employees to provide equal opportunities for employment and promotion opportunities.