About outdoor shooting

  Outdoor shooting and studio shot one of the biggest difference is the use of natural light. At some time the light is projected onto the body surface and reflected into the lens, can perfectly express the main body surface and body lines, this light and shadow effect also enlarge the body shape features, generally speaking, In the sunny morning and evening are good, low-angle lighting effects can make the body surface light and dark effect is very strong. Therefore, if conditions permit, select the morning and evening shooting.

Preparation of the car model shot is very important:Camera is working well?Battery and memory card space is sufficient?Whether the car model in the road can be well protected?Whether enough clothing and enought physical energy? I summary complete list of items:camera (including memory card and battery), car model, desktop tripod, ordinary tripod, right angle viewfinder, cleaning cloth, glue,foam paper, waste newspaper, flashlight.

  In landscape photography, many professional photographers arrived the location is no hurry to shoot, immerse yourself in that environment,let heart communication with nature, find feelings,and then look around, choose the best angle,a word said: “If you want to impress others through a work, first of all to impress yourself”

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