The 1:18 Toyota 2018 Camry model car is on the market, will you buy it?

As for the news of the Camry update, the streets have already spread. When the Los Angeles International Auto Show was unveiled last year, it has been deeply shocked, giving us a feeling of rejuvenation. Nowadays, the middle-class car consumer market is more and more The more I prefer to be younger, I have to […]

Paudi Model 1/18 scale Volvo XC40 2018 white diecast model car show

Volvo has officially released the XC40 model. The new car is based on the CMA platform that Volvo and Geely have jointly created. It is positioned in the compact SUV. In the compact SUV market, Volvo has been in a blank stage. The XC40 is a new product. Let’s enjoy the VOLVO xc40 alloy model […]

Customer’s impression of buying 1/18 Infiniti Q50S Red

Some time ago whim, purchased the INFINITI Q50S  model car on the Internet, the price is good or the package, or PAUDI MODEL products, white is the most expensive, but I do not like white, blue is the right steering wheel, not me Like, still feel that red is suitable for me. The front cover […]

2018 Spring Festival Holiday notice

Dear customer, 2018 the Chinese Spring Festival is coming, in order to let employees spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, our holidays are as follows: From 2018 February 12th – 2018 February 21th for 10 days of leave, start work on February 22. February 10 (Saturday),  February 24 (Saturday) to work properly. 2017, thank […]

Toyota Camry 2018

The United States is the eighth generation of Camry starting area, in the model is divided into L, LE, XLE, SE, XSE and three different configurations of the Hybrid version of a total of ten, of which “L” represents the luxury fashion design, “S” It represents the movement of the design style, the other letters […]

Cadillac XTS 2018

As a standard American luxury sedan, Cadillac XTS gives the impression that the material is also luxurious enough, and the configuration is also high enough, coupled with the current sales terminal of the substantial concessions, so that this luxury car’s price is very Prominent, absolutely counted as a vulgar and very valuable choice. Today, XTS […]

Infiniti Q70L 2017

2017 Infiniti Q70L was officially launched in January 2017, including the upgraded version of the elite, Wyatt enjoy version, Deluxe Edition a total of 6 models. 2017 Infiniti Q70L through low-middle and low with car-assisted technology upgrades, two further measures to optimize fuel economy initiatives to enhance product competitiveness, while providing consumers with full sincerity. […]

MG ZS Tommy Hilfiger

Recently, MG ZS and a limited edition models officially debut. The new car is the Jazz ZS and clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger) jointly launched the limited edition models – MG ZS Tommy Hilfiger customized version. It is reported that the car is based on the cash “MG ZS automatically enjoy the Internet version” […]

Mini Edition Blackfriars

Recently, MINI official announced that by the end of December launched a special edition called Mini Edition Blackfriars models. The new car is named after the famous Blackfriars station in the UK and will be sold exclusively for the French market. Mini Edition Blackfriars and basic models in the appearance of the basic consistent. With […]