Infiniti Q50 Car model Reviews

   The car is Infiniti’s recent Popular model,Q50 , “s” is not the meaning of sport here, it is hybrid (hybrid) .

Q50, it compatible with a unique style of movement and comfort.

Luxury entry-level car,  originally prepared for  young crowd,excessive comfort does not meet the taste of young people.

Headlamp like a “eagle eyes”,it is sharp and meticulous,Water pattern of the front grille, more special of the design,from the Positive photos, Q50 looks quite handsome, create a strong sense of movement.rear seat , the room is quite big that i thought, Double waist design can take into account the luxury and sports style, Shape matched to Infiniti’s vehicle.Some people says that Q50 Car tail  is very sexy .

Body for the alloy material, before and after the wheel suspension, four doors can be opened, engine cover can be opened, you can clearly see the component parts of the engine, rear door can be opened, the trunk cover board activities; body trim simulation carpet, open top panoramic sunroof can slide back and forth; front row seat can slide back and forth, instrument panel screen made three-dimensional shape patterns, steering wheel control front wheel steering, rear mirror can be folding, a high degree of simulation of electroplating aluminum tyre, metallic brake pads.


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