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Audi A4L 2011 1/18 Scale Diecast Model Car Wholesale


Product Code: 2234BK, 2234W, 2234GY

Color:  White, Black, Grey

The product according to the Audi company A4L 2011 models to replicate and shrink production, the model car proportion to 1:18 scale, is the Audi scale model cars series of a refined diecast model cars. The model car adopts zinc alloy material, Paint surface using three-layer electrostatic spray painting, model car parts as many as hundreds. With collection value, is the best choice for collectibles and gifts. Body for the alloy material, before and after the wheel suspension, four doors can be opened, the engine cover can be opened, you can clearly see the component parts of the engine, can open the trunk, Simulation of vehicle interior carpet, dashboard screen made of three-dimensional shape design, height simulation plating metal bottom plate of tyre.