Reviews of Nissan JUKE

   Nissan Juke model actually is come from Nissan  Qazana concept car ,Although Juke’s body size is not large, but the appearance is wild style,exaggerated intake grille and retro-style circular headlights, surrounded by black body,arch design,As the body size is limited, so the rear door is very compact,and with the hidden door handle, even easily mistaken for a two-door SUV models.

nissan_juke_rs_2015_w_20   Tail of the L-type taillight group is the usual design of Nissan,it’s same as a lot of cars and sports cars.But Juke’s lamp size larger and more exaggerated,this special design make the Juke became more smooth in whole.Nissan Juke configuration of three engines, the main model is the 1.6L turbocharged four-cylinder direct injection gasoline engine,The other two are 1.6L naturally aspirated engine and 1.5LDCi turbocharged common rail diesel engine.


nissan_juke_rs_2015_w_19  Nissan Juke interior design also unique,  instrument panel like gun barrel,it is imitation the elements of the sports car, the top of the cover with suspended design, sunlight can through the middle of the gap and make the room more clearness. However Juke models computer screen size is very limited.nissan_juke_rs_2015_w_18

Nissan Juke car space and not cramped,  closer to Kia  Seoul. Rear seat support  to fall down in proportion, and connect  with the trunk plane ,became a more spacious flat storage platform, further enhance the practicality.

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