Weekend driving——————KIA kx3

Weekend break, with family go to the suburbs. Car space is enough of four people, Most Chinese families are 3-4 people, small families.   Front face grille part of the design is still used in the Kia family-specific “tiger-like” style, to tell the truth, at first glance to see its front face a feeling of loss, […]

Changbai Mountain Ice and Snow Romance ——New Tiguan L 2017

I do not know why, see the snow, we always have a kind of inexplicable excitement. Nature of the gods, gave us a lot of surprises and courage, with curiosity we are always trying to explore, continue to conquer, to go through. This emotion began in childhood, and it did not fade away with age. […]

lovely nissan march model car

Japanese cute culture refers to Japan’s unique kind of cute culture, Japanese called cute さ. Cute culture can be seen everywhere in Japan, from large enterprises to the corner of the market, state-level government agencies, wards, and even local government agencies. So the car is no exception, March introduced this blue background plus white circle car, […]

Skoda Yeti 2013 picture show

According to German media reports, Yeti car is one of ten most worth to buying. It’s popular in Germany. BY Shirley.liao

Evaluation of automobile model ————Infiniti QX60

  Infiniti Infiniti was born in North America in 1989, with a unique avant-garde design, excellent product performance customer service, Infiniti quickly became one of the most important brands in the global luxury car market. Infiniti use the letter Q as the name of cars, coupe, convertible,  use the letter QX as the name of SUV models […]

Sales are huge —— Corolla

Corolla sales in the world reached 32 million, It’s very successful for a car, It means many peoples are driving the same cars with you, share drving fun with you. Body for the alloy material, before and after the wheel suspension, four doors can be opened, engine cover can be opened, you can clearly see […]

How to Paint Over a Diecast Car