Car model is not a toy but a culture!

Car model is not a toy but a culture!   When I was a child, World Park is my favorite place, there have little scale Tower of Pisa, Sphinx, I have deep impression on it. The same as little scale landmarks, there are some other scale models, the car is not except. Nowadays, the model car […]

Cans car model

Cans car model   This is New Zealand artist Sandy Sanderson use the old cans, made of the car model, Including the body, wheels, cockpit and other body parts, all use aluminum cans or tin cans, only in the bracket and windshield parts will be used in other materials. Among them, cans of the head and […]

Model Car Return to Jurassic Park-part 3

Return to Jurassic Park Title: Return to Jurassic director:YI zhai car owners Brave brother, if you dead you will on the News Beetle rushed over Oh, my God There are another two bold Very calm Siege of the Beatles Oh, NO The car was overturned, But no one injured Dimetrodon show up where areyou want run? I am […]

Volkswagen Passat CC Reviews

Volkswagen Passat  CC     Volkswagen CC is Volkswagen’s standard coupe,perfect combination of flexibility and stability and the super-sensitivity .Tires with the Michelin PS3 series,Dimensions 235/45 R17,with a good performance in sports.It uses 4 door frameless design, comfortable and dynamic;Interior with a clear movement style,Continuation of the Volkswagen high-end business car series models of style,Colorful high leather sports car […]

Toyota Crown 2005 Reviews

   Toyota Crown 2005      Crown is the Toyota Group, a small car brand. Toyota Crown in January 1, 1955 in Japan off the assembly line, has more than the 13th generation models,Crown configuration Dual VVT-i out of the two-way valve timing intelligent variable system, the engine’s intake efficiency, fuel economy, power performance has […]