How to take a good photo on model car?

  With the development and matures of the automotive market, automotive models as a part of car culture, growing number of car enthusiasts.

A short period of time people who can not buy dream car, can collect the fine static car models to meet their own favorite. At the same time, many of model car fans start to take the photo with the model car to express their favorite on the car.

During the filming of the cars, many of fans will have problems on such”how to let the model car be true””how to clearly express the details of the car model”etc.

About indoor shooting

The light is the most important things in indoor shooting, on the Studio shot, we use the strength of small car model to take the like a  real car photography, usually 2-3 ordinary soft light can come true, soft light position and direction based on different modeling style and viewing angle for real-time adjustment. In the background, Select solid color: white, black, black and white gradient, this background can ensure the car model clear and objective. On the camera settings, choose a small aperture and tripod.




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