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How to play a simulated car model

For many people who are just getting started, most of them don’t know how to play the simulated car model. Some will search the Internet, but there are various collections. Therefore, the car model manufacturer will tell you what the simulated car model should be. How to play this question.

I first played a 1/18 car model, and then the price became higher and higher, and finally found that this scale car model has no other effect besides burning money. Although this ratio can ensure a good balance between cost and details, but as an addictive collection, The price and size are destined to be impossible for you to collect too much, and many dream cars cannot be bought all, unless you buy a luxury house to stack them. 1/18 car model is plain, no matter how detailed the car is, you will only watch for a long time. The appearance and playing with it are just a few months after I bought it.

1/18 car model

After 10 years, I will only buy a Dome card worth tens of dollars and a Hot Wheels worth more than ten dollars. This kind of car model, as long as you want to get the model and the classic modified series, you can buy it in the car model factory. This is Other ratios cannot be achieved. At the end of playing with the car, the original car model manufacturer cannot meet the needs of a car fan, so you need to modify it.

You can buy 3 of this kind of small car for less money for a late night snack. .Hundreds of simulated car models don’t cost much, and a storage box can be installed.

So depending on how you play, it is understandable for players who have no hands-on ability to pursue the brand and price of simulated car models.

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