1:18 car model

Let’s take a look at this 1:18 Nissan alloy car model today

Today we unpacked the 1:18 Nissan Loulan 2015 alloy car model customized by paudi model brand! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this model:

  1. The exterior design of this 1:18 car model is magnificent, and the shape and color are also impressively designed. Perhaps at the new car launch conference at that time, Nissan fans have a new look. It feels really impressive.

Nissan car model

  1. The body of this Nissan car model is made of alloy material, the front and rear wheels are shock-absorbing, the four doors can be opened, the hood can be opened, and the components of the engine can be clearly seen, the rear door can be opened, with hydraulic support rods, and the trunk The partition can be moved.
  2. It feels a few kilograms in the hand. The solid texture of the alloy car model is still quite satisfying. The model is a full-open alloy model, which can be more playable. Let’s take a look at the overall body of the model Decoration, using artificial carpet, folding rearview mirror, top panoramic sunroof, front seat can slide back and forth, dashboard screen made into a three-dimensional pattern, steering wheel control front wheel steering, highly simulated electroplated aluminum wheel tyre, metal chassis, etc. Wait, every detail is done in place.

In general, this 1:18 Nissan alloy car model is quite real. Its price is also very cheap. I have to say that this car model manufacturer is really good. If you like this 1:18 Nissan Friends of alloy car models, don’t hesitate to own one!

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