2018 Model 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 Past

This 2018 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 car model uses the Willys mb design in the real car, but in order to put more gasoline, the axle and body had to be elongated. In this way, the instability caused by insufficient horsepower and short axles of the small off-road vehicle is greatly improved. Now this 2018 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 car model is also developed in strict accordance with the real situation. Let Paudi introduce its past to you.

The first generation of Nissan Patrol was born in 1951. It happens to be the same year as LandCruiser. The Nissan Patrol has been produced to the seventh generation so far, but it is different from the domestic scenery of the Land Cruiser series. It only has the fifth generation and The sixth generation is imported into China in a small amount, so most of us don’t know him very well, and the chance of seeing him on the road is also very low. If you like to watch the news broadcast, it is not difficult to see it-in the international news in the last few minutes The white SUV driven by international peacekeeping forces that often appears, with “UN” painted on the door is the sixth-generation Patrol (Y61), and the 4.5L and 4.8L gasoline models introduced into the country.

2018 Model 1:18 Nissan Passo

Then, due to sales reasons, Nissan Passo has been discontinued in Japan for some time. After a few years, this model will be available-2018 1:18 Nissan Passo V5.6, which is equipped with natural suction The gas engine, coupled with a 7-speed automatic manual gearbox, can achieve peak torque of 560N/m, maximum power of 298kW, and maximum horsepower of 406Ps. The release location was also selected as its primary sales location, which fits well with its model positioning.

On November 21, 2013, the Guangzhou Auto Show introduced the sixth-generation models. The models on sale in the Middle East are based on the sixth-generation models. According to the local car environment and consumer demand, the appearance, interior and other aspects have been adjusted accordingly.

Nissan Patrol V5.6

At present, the 2018 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 is also very popular in the Middle East market, which also fully demonstrates Patrol’s powerful product strength beyond its peers. At the same time, in response to customer needs, Paudi, as the exclusive supplier of this Nissan Patrol V5.6 car model, has been successfully developed.

In the future, Paudi will continue to upgrade and adjust its products based on the feedback of market consumers. In addition to the 1:18 Nissan Patrol 2018 V5.6 car model, there will be more model cars that meet consumer needs for consumption. Provide more high-quality car models.

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