1:18 scale Renault Kadjar model car

In the March 5 opening of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show officially launched. Kadjar’s body is very compact, SUV from the side, looks very sports style, a typical European car style car.

As a global model, Renault is in the second half of 2015 released Kadjar in Europe and Africa, and Renault production factory is located in the Spanish Palencia , and with the domestic compact SUV market is still popular, the future Kadjar also Is expected to production in China.

Appearance, Kadjar uses a new family Renault design elements, it is a lot of design and Renault another SUV Captur very similar. Details Renault Kadjar in the network modeling and the Renault logo, both sides of the chrome trim and the lamp group shape partition connected, the overall strong.

Detailed engine.

Two-layer baffle, Simulation flocking.

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