1/18 Toyota RAV4 Diecast Model Car


1.Car body material is zinc alloy.

2. 4 car doors can be opened.

3. Engine cover can be opened, and the components of the engine can be seen inside.

4. The boot cover can be opened.

5. The tyre behind can be seen obviously.

6. The second line chairs can be folded onwards.

7. Back mirror can be folded.

8. Internal clerestory plate can be pulled.

9. Steering wheel will drive the front wheels.

10. The oil box cover can be opened.

11. The decoration in side has emulational carpet, instruments and control board.

12. The driver seat can move forward and backward.

13. The car is vibration-proof.

s-l1600   s-l1600-1

s-l1600-2   s-l1600-4s-l1600-3   s-l1600-5

s-l1600-6   s-l1600-8


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