1:18 car models

Are there many people who collect simulated car models

The simulation car model manufacturers will introduce to you. The simulation car model we are talking about does not actually include the assembled model. That is to say, what we collect is actually the finished model after buying it. It is generally divided into two materials, resin and alloy, each with its own merits. , Generally divided into 1:43 and 1:18 car models are two mainstream ratios, and like some other collectibles such as shoes, accessories, there may be out of print, and the price of car models may increase or even double.

Let’s talk about alloys first. In fact, it’s the mainstream in our circle, because the price of car model stores is not certain. As you like, the alloy generally has more 1:18 car models, because I personally play 1:18, so I don’t say 1:43, but we will not be divided into two camps because of the different proportions. It is still very friendly, and sometimes I will buy different proportions. This is normal. Alloy 18, mainstream simulation car model manufacturers are Autoart, Kyosho, Mini Cut, etc. The price is generally 500-2000, high-end There are CMC and Exoto, the prices are also higher, mainly reflected in the differences in lacquer, workmanship, etc. Besides, generally 18 alloys are openable, while 43 are fully enclosed.

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Besides resin, this is considered a high-end product, but in fact it is not a high-end car model. To put it bluntly, there is no internal structure, only appearance (I don’t mean to despise resin players, I also have resin, just to put it bluntly) but the price is very high. Generally between 2000-5000, some may be higher. Recently, some new simulation car model manufacturers have appeared in resin, and the price has dropped. The advantage of resin lies in its sharp appearance, paint surface spike alloy, leather base, and color irritation, but it is generally impossible to do so. This time sale, because there are indeed some prices but no market, and resins are generally fully enclosed, unless some of the simulation car model manufacturers are willing to make fully open, resins are also divided into 18 and 43, generally all are fully enclosed, mainstream manufacturers For BBR, MR, Make Up, etc.

Generally speaking, the main activities of our car model store are shooting outside or inside scenes, or self-modification. You can change the light or color, just like an assembled model, but generally only special talents dare to change the resin. Because the resin is integrated, the operation is more difficult.

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