2017 Honda CR-V Review

The completely redesigned 2017 Honda CR-V. Appearance, the new domestic CR-V design and overseas models to maintain a high degree of consistent. The overall feel very young, dynamic, compared to the older models to discuss the young consumers like. Using a family design style of the forward air grille has a high degree of identification. LED headlamps can also provide better functionality and visual effects.

From the side, the outline of the car looks very smooth. The rear is still full of lines outlined. Looking at a more powerful sense

The CR-V is all-new for 2017. It features more aggressive styling, an optional turbocharged engine and a much-improved interior design.

With capable if not thrilling acceleration, composed handling, and confident highway manners, the turbocharged 2017 CR-V is a multidisciplined competitor. If you’re looking for a small SUV that doesn’t makes compromises for its size, this Honda fits the bill. The CR-V has long been a champ in the sales and sensibility columns, but now it’s poised to be a winner on the merits, too.


1:18 Scale Honda CR-V 2017 Diecast model Car

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