Infiniti Q70L 2017

2017 Infiniti Q70L was officially launched in January 2017, including the upgraded version of the elite, Wyatt enjoy version, Deluxe Edition a total of 6 models. 2017 Infiniti Q70L through low-middle and low with car-assisted technology upgrades, two further measures to optimize fuel economy initiatives to enhance product competitiveness, while providing consumers with full sincerity.
The new Q70L inherits the brand “Conflict Aesthetics” design essence, with natural elements as a source of inspiration, the whole series comes standard with LED headlamps from the human eye shape, with the shape of “Jian Mei” daytime running lights, exudes dynamic sharp sharp Charm; dual wavy engine cover against the backdrop of the entire front face is very “power” of beauty, and tail more flat trunk along the shape, widened chrome trim and split rear bumper with the front of the car The beauty of the face’s “power” complements each other.

Its streamlined body curves from the waves. Front face with a double arched air grille and water ripple in the network, the natural smart “romantic” characteristics show most vividly. This streamlined design also created a new Q70L drag coefficient of 0.26 minimum, with excellent aerodynamic performance. Meanwhile, the new Q70L door panels, engine cover and trunk cover are made of aluminum material, effectively reducing the weight of the body, the driving performance and fuel economy are greatly helpful. In addition, 8 kinds of body color also brings consumers more personality choices.

With the wheelbase of 3,050mm, the new Q70L creates the same level of rear-of-the-back space and ride comfort and creates a more comfortable and quiet ride through complete sound insulation. The interior will be the selection of materials and the perfect combination of technology to,, seat with semi-aniline leather wrapped, many contact with the human body with a very delicate texture SOFILEZ material, bringing unparalleled ride experience.

The new Q70L unique forest air conditioning systems, can significantly reduce the PM2.5 value of the car, and release the fragrance of trees and greenery, like a walk through the forest to bring fresh air and pleasant experience. In addition, the same level after only full suction power line standard door, trunk lid, rear entertainment system with the vehicle alone operation, and synchronous design custom stage 16 Bose® speaker audio system, are demonstrated on the details of the Drive intimate thoughtful care.
Safety, the new Q70L equipped with the world’s first BVR front-end collision warning system (PFCW), reversing collision prevention system (BCI), full-speed segment Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), vehicle distance control assist system (DCA), lane departure warning System (LDW) and Lane Departure Correction System (LDP) leading safety technology at the same level, providing drivers with comprehensive car protection.It is worth mentioning that the new Q70L to enjoy Wyatt version 2.5, 2.5 Deluxe Edition and Deluxe Edition Hybrid adds three models class-leading technology – panoramic surveillance video monitoring system with moving objects (MOD) function (AVM), Not only to upgrade their own driving assistance system, but also for more independent thinking of the elite brought a more humane technology experience.

The new Q70L VQ25 engine models on the fuel economy has been upgraded again. The VQ25HR V6 naturally aspirated engine, which has repeatedly won the title of “Ward’s Top Ten Engines,” is not only powerful and responsive, but also feather-like smooth output. Infiniti engineer calibration, 2.5 Elite, 2.5 Wyatt Edition, 2.5 Deluxe Edition and 2.5 Luxury Edition 4 models of fuel consumption from the original 9.3L / 100km down to 8.9L / 100km; and 3.5-liter V6 high-performance hybrid The system, consisting of the VQ35HR V6 naturally aspirated engine and industry-leading single-motor dual clutch performance-oriented, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 5.1 seconds and consumes as little as 7.3 liters per 100 km. In addition, thanks to its class-leading lithium battery hybrid technology, the new Q70L achieves pure electric driving at speeds up to 100 km / h, further enhancing the performance of the hybrid system.

As the only imported wheelbase of its class at the same level, the new Q70L not only possesses the highest quality but also advocates the return of spiritual power with the theme of “firmly believing in the beginning of the world”, helping the creators with independent thinking to move forward bravely. The creator of an independent mind is a person who has independent opinion, persists in his first dream, and works tirelessly for it. Their achievements in the fields of business,
science and technology and culture are the driving forces for innovation in this era. They are not bound by the notion of innateness and use innovative thinking to interpret and deal with all things and challenges. Their perseverance and passionate personality, although living in the noisy world, still adhere to the hearts of the ideals and feelings.

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