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How much does a custom diecast model car cost?

When it comes to diecast model car, I believe that many friends are not unfamiliar with them, because nowadays many young people like to pursue some high class life, and custom diecast model car can also reflect the taste of the owner. The most important thing is that the model car can be collected as […]

The survival and development of car model factory

At present, more and more car model factory will face severe tests, especially small and medium-sized enterprises that rely on long-term exports. If a factory wants to produce and develop, then they must adopt a strategic development strategy suitable for the factory. For example, the analysis of a car model manufacturer: For a Chinese model […]

1/18 SUBARU FORESTER XT 2014 alloy car model development

Report to you the development progress of the 1/18 SUBARU FORESTER XT 2014 die-cast model car, with official authorization, and the colors are available in white and champagne gold. 1/18 The full development of the SUBARU FORESTER XT 2014 alloy car model, coupled with the good quality of Paudi as always, I believe car fans […]

Paudi released the 1:18 scale 2018 Nissan Patrol model

Nissan Patrol is an SUV with high-end interiors. The 2018 Patrol car is one of the best SUVs in the Nissan lineup, so I want to find a decent 1:18die-cast scale model 2018 Nissan Patrol 5.6L to showcase my SUV. Paudi will also release this Nissan Patrol 2018 5.6L news on the platform, so let’s […]

2018 Model 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 Past

This 2018 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 car model uses the Willys mb design in the real car, but in order to put more gasoline, the axle and body had to be elongated. In this way, the instability caused by insufficient horsepower and short axles of the small off-road vehicle is greatly improved. Now this 2018 […]

How to judge the grade of die-cast model car

Nowadays, there are more and more die-cast model car fans. How to judge the grade of a die-cast model car has become the basic skill of every car fan. I hope that reading this article will help you. 1. mode ratio This is basic common sense. The ratios of mainstream car models are 12:12, 1:18, […]