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The survival and development of car model factory

At present, more and more car model factory will face severe tests, especially small and medium-sized enterprises that rely on long-term exports. If a factory wants to produce and develop, then they must adopt a strategic development strategy suitable for the factory. For example, the analysis of a car model manufacturer: For a Chinese model […]

2018 Model 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 Past

This 2018 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 car model uses the Willys mb design in the real car, but in order to put more gasoline, the axle and body had to be elongated. In this way, the instability caused by insufficient horsepower and short axles of the small off-road vehicle is greatly improved. Now this 2018 […]

How to judge the grade of die-cast model car

Nowadays, there are more and more die-cast model car fans. How to judge the grade of a die-cast model car has become the basic skill of every car fan. I hope that reading this article will help you. 1. mode ratio This is basic common sense. The ratios of mainstream car models are 12:12, 1:18, […]

How to maintain a Chinese model car

The ex-factory price of an exquisite Chinese model car at the car model manufacturer will not be low, and car fans on the market will also buy it on the market. For a boutique car, everyone will definitely love it, so daily maintenance needs you Attention. I don’t know if you understand the production process […]

Where to buy die-cast model cars

As a collector of die-cast model cars, you will definitely ask yourself where you can buy die-cast model cars in your life. This is a short information guide to help you find the scale model car of your dreams. Collecting die-cast model cars is a wonderful hobby for all ages. These cars can be used […]

Do you really understand die-cast model car

The origin of the die-cast model car can be traced back to the end of the 19th century, almost at the same time as the invention of the car. Just like children in the 19th century like to play with models, the demand for the latest models for adult technological innovation has quickly been recognized […]

How do general car model manufacturers display model cars

Recently, some simulation car model customization enthusiasts have asked us how to display 1:18 car models. They want to know what type of display cabinet the car model manufacturer uses. Here, we based on his car model customization suggestions, There are several methods for reference. Theme basis. If we customize a simulated car model, we […]