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Understand the China’s car model market

In fact, China's car model market can be divided into two aspects:…

2018 Model 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 Past

This 2018 1:18 Nissan Patrol V5.6 car model uses the Willys…
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How to judge the grade of die-cast model car

Nowadays, there are more and more die-cast model car fans. How…
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How to maintain a Chinese model car

The ex-factory price of an exquisite Chinese model car at the…
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Where to buy die-cast model cars

As a collector of die-cast model cars, you will definitely ask…
Die-casting model cars

Do you really understand die-cast model car

The origin of the die-cast model car can be traced back to the…

2021 National Day holiday notice

Dear Customer: To celebrate theNational Day holiday.…
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How do general car model manufacturers display model cars

Recently, some simulation car model customization enthusiasts…
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Car model collection suggestions for car model custom manufacturers

As a senior car model customization player for many years, I…
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What aspects of Chinese model cars are so attractive

Sometimes, it is difficult for Chinese model car enthusiasts…