Cadillac XTS 2018

As a standard American luxury sedan, Cadillac XTS gives the impression that the material is also luxurious enough, and the configuration is also high enough, coupled with the current sales terminal of the substantial concessions, so that this luxury car’s price is very Prominent, absolutely counted as a vulgar and very valuable choice. Today, XTS has ushered in a facelift, the main change is the shape and increase, of course, the most significant change is that it looks more handsome … …

the new XTS most significant change is from the shape, in the vehicle design language into the new ESCALA concept car design inspiration, front, rear and lights change is particularly evident, the overall effect is more handsome.

look at the front, put on a new headlamps, the network area increases, while the bottom of the air intake as a whole through, this design and CT6 have many similarities, but also the latest style of the family, widening the visual Effect, gas field more foot, and more handsome.

the new shield in the network area is more spacious, the internal grid layout has also changed, so that the front looks more wide flat, gas field more foot.

the “Y” font headlamps and CT6 is very similar, higher recognition, while the light source is also upgraded to LED.

the car side no change, but the body length of short 28MM, shorter after the XTS is still longer than the A6L.

the car is equipped with specifications for the 235/50 R18 Goodyear Assurance tires, higher with models will also be equipped with 19-inch wheels.

the new XTS is also on the fender to increase this very metal texture of the logo.

the tail is basically completely changed the kind, less bloated feeling, more spiritual and more powerful way.

taillight replaced by “L” shape, the same increase in the night of identification.

before the photo frame in the middle of the tail position, now moved to the bumper, pulled down the rear of the visual center of gravity, and the new XTS also added a spoiler at the rear, adding the vehicle’s movement information.

the trunk from the outside to open the way has also changed, cancel the previous button, press the color mark can be.

the interior to maintain the cash design, control the size of the big screen has increased, or a typical American luxury car style, luxury sense is very prominent, materials at the same level also belong to the type of cost.

Cadillac various levels of materials are very kind, a lot of use of leather to create a sense of luxury parcels.

a new generation of CUE system hardware has been upgraded, large-screen size from 8 inches to 10 inches, features include navigation, reversing images, CarPlay, remote start and so on.

another change is to increase the optional high-definition streaming media rearview mirror, before the CT6 and XT5 has been experienced through the rear camera, including the rear view of the rear 80 ° no cover wide-angle lens, Driving and parking convenience and safety.

in the same luxury car, XST configuration has been very prominent, like the panoramic sunroof, Brembo brakes and with ANC active noise reduction BOSE sound is standard, in addition to this real car is also equipped with a front row Seat heating / ventilation, Anji star, LCD instrumentation, steering wheel heating, collision warning and lane maintenance.

power or this 2.0T engine, the output data is very beautiful
Maximum power: 198KW / 5500rpm
Peak Torque: 400N.m / 2400-4400rpm

and the engine match or this 6-speed tiptronic gearbox.

the suspension structure or the former McPherson, after the combination of high-link, high with models also with MRC electromagnetic suspension system to enhance driving stability.

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