Can not afford the Ares GT-R? the Infiniti Q50S is also low-key,luxurious and power!

Many fans will think that during the Spring Festival, driving Benz, BMW, Audi home for New Year, is a pride thing. But if you do not want to follow the crowd and pursuit of the idea of personality, then, today’s article is very suitable for this part of the fans!

Infiniti Q50 compared to the same level of BBA, in the domestic market holdings is relatively small. As Nissan’s high-end luxury brand, it has not lose the German car temperament, avant-garde design, more popular by young fans.

Today, the guy from the United States, his car is a Q50S, in order to enhance the pride of the Chinese New Year to visit relatives, specially modified car, so that both in terms of texture or performance have a good evolution. First, the owner replaced a set of imported exhaust system, let the VQ37HR engine breathing more smoothly!

Then, as the delivery of “emotion” of the headlamps have been modified by the owner,transformed into the mobile phone can control the headlamps color. The brakes, continue to follow the original four-piston calipers, and spray it into bright red, And the disc is also upgraded to punching scribe disc, even the vision is affected can also play a more efficient braking performance.

In the details, the rearview mirror shell, the net logo and epitaxial trim are replaced by carbon fiber material, and the interior part, from the control plate to the shift lever and the outer side of the cup holder, are using carbon fiber cover. Whether from the texture, or lightweight upgrade,this approach are helpful.

The completion of the Q50S, the front of the body with the Nissan GT-R edges and corners of the line sense of movement surrounded by a simple color,  filled with murderous eyes, obviously very low-key, but so arrogant.

While the side of the body can find a little similar to G37, the new side of the skirt more elegant and Smart. Blood red body color is good at use of light and shadow effects, the side lines to highlight the more clear, so that the Q50S waist is very powerful and full of muscle.

Part of the rear, you can see the owner replace a set of post-surrounded, added a little more clear sense of muscle. Under the spoiler has also been given the blood of the red, bilateral double out of the exhaust system caliber relatively large, I believe it is sound more vigorous!

Owners use similar TE37 wheel, hollow design as much as possible to exposed the calipers and discs, beautiful effect!

Finally let us together to enjoy this including festive color Q50S, surrounded by a full range of full of low-key and domineering, the typical type pretend of pig for eating tiger, low-key appearance hidden a vitality heart. Do not know when you drive this car- “Chery King” home for New Year, can win hearts of beautiful girl?

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