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How to collect car miniature models reasonably

The purpose of collecting car miniature models is to appreciate the collection, but how to place them is exquisite. Here are some tips to make your car miniature model more beautiful and more durable.

  1. Reasonable use of lighting

When collecting car models, car model manufacturers generally use high-quality paint, but no matter what kind of paint, if it is continuously illuminated under strong light (especially spotlights), the paint will appear peeling and wrinkling. Therefore, it is recommended that car model enthusiasts use energy-saving, softer lighting.

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  1. Avoid prolonged static

The car miniature model generally does not move after it is laid down, but if it remains in a shape for a long time, the weight of the car model will deform the axles of the four wheels and affect the appearance, so it is recommended that you move the car model regularly or use some soft materials to make the model. Elevation can effectively avoid this situation.

  1. Prevent the intrusion of sand and dust

Dust is the most effective vehicle simulation model lethality. If the mold is exposed to the air for a long time, it is easy to be corroded by the dust. Therefore, it is recommended to put a glass cover or display window on the mold.

  1. Prevent looting

It is very simple to avoid being “looked at” when collecting a miniature car model. Put a lock on it.

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