The Car Model on the 18th China International Model Exposition

The 18th China International Model Exposition was held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from 21 to 23 April 2017, As the largest and influential model fair in the Asia Pacific region, it focuses on the latest design concepts, technology applications and trends in interest industry. Since its inception in 2001, a high proportion of exhibitors reputation and the arrival rate of international buyers proved that China International Model Expo has been the model new product release, international trade negotiations and industry information exchange preferred platform. Domestic and foreign brand model enterprises all stage, competing to debut China’s rapid growth model of the consumer market. In particular, the development of China’s UAV industry is compelling.

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Aircraft and aerospace model, automobile, train and ship model, unmanned aerial vehicle, robot, physical scale model, film and television animation peripheral model, radio remote control equipment, model engine, rocket engine, propeller, model dedicated fuel, battery and other related products, Manufacturing equipment, tools and related products, model manufacturing materials and coatings, model related books, magazines and so on.

Car model


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