simulated car model

How to judge the accuracy of the simulation car model

Simulation accuracy is the primary condition for testing the simulation car model. The car model with high simulation accuracy meets the standard of boutique collection, with fine workmanship and meticulous details. We can analyze it from the following aspects.

  1. Overall appearance

More than 95% of the appearance of the simulated car model is similar to a real car, with no launch and no deformation.

car model accuracy

  1. Surface treatment

The entire paint surface is smooth and has a metallic texture, and the car model is highly accurate and uniform in color, without color difference, no precipitation, impurities, and blisters.

  1. Regional situation

The simulation car model produces the smoothness of the various components, the closeness of the door, the roof, the front and rear covers and the car body, the accuracy of the interior decoration, the shape of the bulb, the texture of the lampshade, and whether the seat soft plastic is rich and elastic.

  1. Disassembly amount

This indicator is very important. Some car model manufacturers will make some instructions on the packaging, but more often we need to judge by ourselves: whether the wiper, the rear mirror, and the door handle are separate or integral; whether the car lights are painted or organic plastic Yes; the patterns on the car body are made of stickers or pad printing; in short, observe more, more observation, you can add a little weight.

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