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How do car model manufacturers classify car models

Car models can be classified according to different characteristics. The little friends who have just started playing may not be clear, so car model manufacturers will answer this question for everyone.

Car model manufacturers are classified according to the movement characteristics of the car model, which can be divided into dynamic and static car models. As the name suggests, dynamic is movable, and the driving form can be divided into mechanical, battery and inertial drive (also called pull back car model).

The highlight of static car models is viewing and collection, static display, promotional collection, business gift car models, and exhibition introductions, while the dynamic focus is on play and entertainment.

car model classification

According to the material classification customized for car models, there are alloys, resins, plastics, wood, and glass fiber reinforced plastics. Zinc alloys for alloys are the mainstream. According to the manufacturing methods of car models, they can be divided into manual and mechanical.

The cost of hand-made is relatively high, the production quantity is not large, and there is no need to open the mold. The mechanism is mass production, and the demand is large, and the production model is required to produce it. The method of production is different according to the different requirements of the customers.

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