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How do general car model manufacturers display model cars

Recently, some simulation car model customization enthusiasts have asked us how to display 1:18 car models. They want to know what type of display cabinet the car model manufacturer uses. Here, we based on his car model customization suggestions, There are several methods for reference.

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  1. Theme basis. If we customize a simulated car model, we need to combine the realization with the overall decoration when displaying the model car. Whether it is the focus of the room or the simple layout, when the car model is displayed, it should be integrated with the surrounding environment The beauty is seamlessly integrated, not independent.
  2. Storage display. General car model manufacturers display model car installations, there are two styles, one supports the use of prefabricated display cabinets and other shelving systems, and the other advocates customized die-casting specific equipment. Among them, many car models are produced The manufacturer recommends glass display cabinets, although some people think this is unstable.
  3. Show fun. Whether it is a 1:18 car model or other scale model car series, it is telling a story. These can show our fun. In order to make this story more vivid, car model manufacturers will use visual display Their car models.

In the final analysis, how the general car model manufacturers display model cars depends on personal taste. Most of us have space, price or other restrictions, but as long as we have vision and creativity, each of us will A car model display can be assembled to convey our hobbies in a unique way.

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