Car model is not a toy but a culture!

Car model is not a toy but a culture!

  When I was a child, World Park is my favorite place, there have little scale Tower of Pisa, Sphinx, I have deep impression on it.

The same as little scale landmarks, there are some other scale models, the car is not except. Nowadays, the model car not only for decoration, but also a cultural in the car enthusiasts, which erected a bridge between dream and truth.

The history of car model and car almost the same, at first, there are as gift for true car owners, the work and material is far away than modern crafts, but the meaning is different.

  Ford’s earliest car model by wood

From 1930s, model car began use ferroalloy as the material.

Wooden car models in the last century is more popular, but people found wood although easy sculpture but will cracking and deformation, as the rapid development of the automotive industry, it cost a lot of work on the wood model car, so after 1930s, “metal ” has become the mainstream model material, although compared to wood the form of durability has improved, but there are still some problems.

It is easy to rust

  As time goes by, many of factory begin products model car, at the same time, the problem also followed, various quality and shape of car sale on the market. So, in the 1980s, it is a turning point for model car factory, lots of factory facing the risk of phase-out unless they get the automotive brand licensing. The survival of those who choose the best, the quality of the model has been a better development.


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