1:18 Scale Nissan X-Trail/ Rogue evaluation

All of us are familiar with Nissan X-trail,  it’s also one of the most common Nissan cars in the street. Both of China and the United States people are love SUVs, especially the X-trail which is a reasonable price and good quality is very popular in these two countries. We call Nissan X-trail as Rogue in […]

MG ZS Tommy Hilfiger

Recently, MG ZS and a limited edition models officially debut. The new car is the Jazz ZS and clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger) jointly launched the limited edition models – MG ZS Tommy Hilfiger customized version. It is reported that the car is based on the cash “MG ZS automatically enjoy the Internet version” […]

Mini Edition Blackfriars

Recently, MINI official announced that by the end of December launched a special edition called Mini Edition Blackfriars models. The new car is named after the famous Blackfriars station in the UK and will be sold exclusively for the French market. Mini Edition Blackfriars and basic models in the appearance of the basic consistent. With […]

2017 Honda CR-V Review

The completely redesigned 2017 Honda CR-V. Appearance, the new domestic CR-V design and overseas models to maintain a high degree of consistent. The overall feel very young, dynamic, compared to the older models to discuss the young consumers like. Using a family design style of the forward air grille has a high degree of identification. […]

Renault Captur

October 12 Renault new card car models officially listed in the Wuhan auto show. The new car compared to the cash models, the new card bin mainly for the appearance and interior details of the adjustment, while the configuration has been upgraded, power continues to carry 1.2T +6 speed DCT powertrain. Carpenter from the introduction […]