Changbai Mountain Ice and Snow Romance ——New Tiguan L 2017

I do not know why, see the snow, we always have a kind of inexplicable excitement. Nature of the gods, gave us a lot of surprises and courage, with curiosity we are always trying to explore, continue to conquer, to go through. This emotion began in childhood, and it did not fade away with age.

December, Changbai Mountain, the new Tiguan L, a snow trip. Car snow and ice control is like people skiing, test skills, I am obsessed in the search for the pleasure of car, for the first time to meet the new Tiguan L I was impressed.

  Volkswagen Tiguan “L” is only lengthened, and reality Tiguan L I see a kind of innovation.

The new appearance gives us a bright spot of surprise, this is the latest generation of the public family design, body lines tough, more stereoscopic shape, the overall harder than the previous generation models, masculine a lot.

In the pure world of ice and snow, there are always some non-gregarious colors will attract our attention, samba orange is a new Tiguan L for female owners, the special launch of the color, it is hot, eye-catching, so much sought after.

2017 Volkswagen tiguan L 1/18 model car has been listed, in April 2017 Pudi company officially launched 1/18 Volkswagen Tiguana diecast car, the model car is manufactured by diecast. Is the Volkswagen Tiguan L 2017 model car series.





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