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Understand the China’s car model market

In fact, China’s car model market can be divided into two aspects: one is the mold production market, and the other is the mold sales market. Under normal circumstances, the first market is completed by car model manufacturers, and the second market is completed by various dealers, gift vendors, etc.

According to the introduction of Paudi Model, the first market for molds, namely mold design and manufacturing, has developed to the present, and basically no profits have been made. For Paudi Model Factory, the development direction is the integrated production of the whole production process. Therefore, the quotation for molds is based on the lowest standard. This is also the reason why the car model factory cooperates with domestic vehicle manufacturers.

Pudi models

Although profits are getting lower and lower, the standards have never dropped. The major production processes of stamping, welding, painting, assembly and so on are not bad. Every simulated car produced is a prototype. Before the production of each model, the Pudi model manufacturer will reduce the size according to the real car drawings provided by the manufacturer and combine various data to make a prototype mold, and then send the prototype model to the manufacturer for confirmation, and then send the prototype model to the manufacturer. The manufacturer confirms before proceeding to production.

Finally, there is the sales market, which refers to the treatment of products by buyers after the product is manufactured. Some of them will be given as gifts, and the rest will be used for various purposes, such as car model dealers, 4S shops, etc. Therefore, most of the profits of automobile molds are in the second market, and all kinds of consumers are exposed to this level.

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