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Uncovering China’s mini-car model factory

Just like real car manufacturing, China’s mini-car model manufacturers also need to go through design, die-casting, grinding, painting, assembly and other processes to complete the production of a car mold. The car model is different from the processing accuracy and size of the real car. This aspect is far behind the real car.

Before getting to know the car model, we must first clarify the difference between toy cars and model cars. Many people think that these are the same thing. In fact, this view is wrong. In terms of function, model cars are collectibles. In foreign countries, car models need adults to be used for collection, appreciation and gifts; and toy cars, no matter how well they are made, are nothing more than children’s toys.

car model factory

However, model cars are generally much more refined than toy cars, and are incomparable to toy cars in terms of commercial value. Second, any car model has a clear physical object and the manufacturer must maintain the most loyalty to the original model as much as possible, and the shape of the toy car can be made exaggerated or even imagined.

In addition to the above two points, copyright is also an important factor. Car model manufacturers need to pay copyright fees for owners of real cars. Moreover, the key to the manufacture of automobile models lies in the manufacture of molds. The current model cars are processed by skilled technicians operating sophisticated mold equipment such as spark machines and CNC. A set of molds requires several months of unremitting efforts by engineers.

In the end, it needs to be explained that there is a problem in domestic simulation car model factories, which has a lot to do with the status of China’s processing kingdom. The products of domestic model factories are almost all foreign designs and brands, and they only earn processing fees. Even if they export the remaining products, they have no right to sell independently. However, with the development of China’s automobile industry and the popularization of automobile culture, it is believed that more and more Chinese automobile manufacturers will use simulation models as a means of promoting their corporate image, and the business of model cars will also have great development.

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