The culture of Skoda’s car name

About the logo of”SKODA” there have a story about it, It say, manager bring a servant from America, who are very diligent, face is beautiful, So choose his face as a trademark, Skoda’s flying feathers logo was used since 1923.

Yeti, snowman, legend of the snow in the mountains of the Himalayas, Has been found traces of it in the Nepalese Himalayas several times, but so far no one has confirmed what it is in the end.

Kodiaq, from the Kodiak brown bear, It is the largest subspecies of brown bear, robust in size, shoulder uplift, the claws of the forepaws are as long as 15 cm, there are 42 teeth, Including two big canines. Like other bear animals, they are wasting animals, and has a short tail.

The bulge of the nacelle is like the nose of the Kodiak bear, but this may be a coincidence, nose modeling design has long been the family elements of Skoda.

For the first time to see Kodiak brown bear, he gave me the feeling is lovely, even want to hug him, until this impulse disappears, Just think of this is a strength and speed monster. Kodiak’s models are not cute, but still create a sense of fullness.


Here is the Kodiak car model we sold.

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