die-casting model car

Introduction to the function of the simulation die-cast model car

The simulation die-cast model car mentioned in this article mainly refers to the static car model, excluding the simulation car model such as remote control. Generally speaking, the 1:18 original car model produced by the simulation car model factory will have the following basic functions.

  1. The driver, co-pilot and rear passenger doors can be opened.
  2. The whole has a shock absorber function.
  3. The four wheels can rotate back and forth.
  4. The steering wheel can drive the front wheels to rotate.
  5. 1:18 The engine hood of the original car model can be opened and the engine can be clearly seen.
  6. The storage box can be opened.

simulation model car

The above are the basic functions of the simulated die-cast model car. In addition, high-end car models may also have certain characteristics.

  1. The high-end 1:18 original car model can emit light.
  2. Able to make sounds.
  3. The fuel tank cover or battery cover can be opened, and the internal space can be clearly seen.
  4. The seat can move back and forth.
  5. You can open the skylight.
  6. Certain mechanical functions (for example, the curtain can be opened when the door is opened)
  7. There are some novel gadgets
  8. The parts of the die-cast model car can be assembled by yourself.
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