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What new technologies are needed for the surface treatment of die-casting model cars

With the continuous development of China’s automobile model factories, the automobile die-casting model industry has also entered a new period of development. Die-casting technology is developed by relying on high technology, but at the same time it also puts forward higher and stricter requirements on the model car itself.

So what new technologies are needed for the surface treatment of die-cast model cars? The first is good mechanical properties, long service life, high die-casting efficiency, and high die-casting accuracy. Therefore, the production of the simulation car model requires more precise processing of the surface of the die-casting mold. At present, the new processes for surface treatment of die-casting molds mainly include: traditional improved processes, processes that change surface characteristics, electroplating processes, and so on.

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  1. Traditional improved technology

The die of the die-casting model car is processed by heat treatment process, and the surface of the die-casting die is formed by quenching and tempering method. Compared with traditional heat treatment technology, the traditional improvement method is to add advanced surface treatment technology to achieve the purpose of smooth surface, high precision and long life of the die-casting mold.

  1. The process of changing the surface characteristics

Changing the surface characteristics refers to the use of physical or chemical methods to directionally change the physical and chemical properties of the surface of the automobile mold to make it more in line with production requirements. Generally speaking, there are two techniques for changing surface characteristics: surface heating, expansion, penetration and surface laser treatment.

3. electroplating process

The electroplating method is to plate a layer of plating on the mold. For example, wear a layer of protective clothing on the mold without changing the physical properties of the mold itself. Commonly used electroplating methods include glass electroplating, stamping electroplating, plastic electroplating, rubber electroplating and so on. Their effects are not the same, so it is necessary to find the most suitable coating method according to the actual use environment and specific conditions of the car model manufacturer.

Generally speaking, the most prominent feature of die-cast model car coating is to improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and cold and heat resistance of the mold. Molds are mostly used in an environment with alternating cold and heat, and molds are used more frequently. The commonly used electroplating method is PTFE composite electroplating. This electroplating method can well meet the daily needs of die-casting model cars.

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