Dongfeng Honda new CR-V 2017 will be listed In China In July, Honda CR-V 2017 model car ready to go.

The latest news of 2017 Dongfeng Honda CR-V listed! Dongfeng Honda CR-V 2017 car will be officially listed in July this year, Dongfeng Honda CR-V 2017 listed prices are expected about 17 million RMB. We are here today explain the new Honda CRV 2017 . It is reported that Dongfeng Honda CR-V 2017 is the fifth generation of Honda CR-V car, the new car including hybrid version of the model, and named Honda CR-V sharp mix.

  The interior space are very spacious, especially the rear seats, The new CR-V uses Honda’s latest family-style design, hexagonal front grille is used in Honda’s iconic sturdy chrome trim, both sides of the headlamps and grille connected to the internal structure of the lamp group has also been re- adjustment, while adding the LED light. The front of the front grille is used in the black mesh design. In addition, the outer contour of the fog lamp also introduces L-shaped chrome trim.

From the side, the new generation of CR-V size is significantly more than previous CR-V, while the front and rear wheel arch protruding, highlights the feeling of muscle, and the new car is also equipped with a new design of aluminum alloy wheels. It is understood that a new generation of CR-V in the body size is also a surprise, the new car’s length and width than previous CR-V.

We will soon start selling the car model, let’s look together.


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