The evaluation of Mazda CX-5

The evaluation of model is Mazda CX-5, this car we are familiar, Is very common in daily life.

Let’s take a look at how CX-5 model car is doing.(the ture car picture from

the red is model car, the blue is true car.

In the model car, it like the true car or not is not the problem, the model car highly reduction the car, the logo of car is thick, the hollow of the place have done hollow, little fog lights not like dead fish eyes, it’s shiny like crystal.

The tail, all the loges use etching sheet, good fit, not easy to fall off, in the position of the lamp, the gap is well controlled, this is very good, but this line is thicker, Not sharp like real car, but this is the alloy model can not be avoided, if the exhaust pipe inside paints black will be better.

Real car side of the line in the model has also been a very good reduction, hanging height is also no different with the real car, there is no high or too low, but in the back door where the gap is a little bigger, in general is still good.


Headlights is meticulous, various internal structures in the inside, very clear.

Taillight, the size is no problem, clear, separation is accurate, again for the gap to praise.

Open the engine cover, although only semi-independent engine, but is not bad, unlike a rough bath, clear color, all the signs are done, the logo on the engine cover is also done.

Interior, parts complete, there is no deviation in the sticker, which is good on the domestic model car.

The model’s hub size is no different from the real car, and angry mouth are done, this little detail is very good, It is worth mentioning that, clear car standard, location is also accurate, brake calipers and brake pads are also available.

A domestic model, folding mirrors are essential.

The model also made the fuel tank movable, this feature is not uncommon in the domestic car.

Skylight also do well, and the inner skateboard can also move, this is good.

The tail box have a full-size spare tire, the rope can be seen, rear seats can also be dump, a big bright spot!

This model is a lot of moving parts, glove box can open, armrest box is also able to open, as well as front seats can slide back and forth, it is fun.

Summary, as a model player, domestic models I rarely contact, but the CX-5 I still like it, the model is I want, through this evaluation I deeply know this model, The following picture time.



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