Guangzhou haixinsha——model car shooting location

Haixinsha known as the tourist destination of Guangzhou, since its inception has become fascinated by tourists. Haixinsha is located in Guangzhou Pearl River within the river sandbar, in the main channel on the Pearl River. Upstream is Ersha islands and the Guangzhou Bridge, the downstream is the newly built Liede Bridge, the south is Haizhu Island, north is Guangzhou land, under the Tianhe District.

After 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, can be able to see some of the facilities, such as sail screen, Weiya, etc.they will be retained as the legacy of the Guangzhou Asian Games. The eight sail screen installation height of 86 meters, a total area of 8000 square meters, regardless of rain or typhoon weather can be used in the outdoors, not to The scene to see the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, the public can also see the 8 giant sails and up to 1600 square meters of open style stage.

Here is a great place to shooting, the background is characteristic building, there is also a wide Pearl River, put the model car on the fence of the river, do not deliberately looking for angle, each angle is a good background, Is also a tourist destination, of course, also attracted many car model enthusiasts come to shooting, shoot beautiful pictures for their model car. We are welcome people from all over the world to visit.

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