Registration and Login

How do I register for a account?
l Click the registration button in the upper right of the homepage;

l Enter your email and a password and then check your inbox for the email containing your registration verification code;

l After receiving the registration email, click the link in the email or the Activate button to complete registration;

l Click to Start Shopping on the products and you can now start your shopping on paudimodel.

Why can’t I register for a account?
l You must use an available email address that is not associated with another account;

l Please clear the cookies of your browser or use another browser to register;

l Please check whether the registration email is in your spam folder.

l Your account may have been closed due to a violation of the terms and conditions of the platform;

l Clear your browser’s cache or use another browser;

l Please check whether CAPS LOCK is on and make sure that there are no spaces in the password. If you forgot your password, please click Forgot your password to change your password.

You can apply to become our distributor through the registration page, but becoming a distributor requires a series of audits, and you can become our distributor after passing the audit.

l Unfortunately, you can only register for one account using the same email.