Website Terms of Use (User Notice)

1. Terms and conditions for coupon use on Paudi Modell

This clause applies to all coupons, and all users of Paudi must comply. If the promotions page show other terms and conditions, then those terms and conditions will take precedence.

l Platform coupons can be used for legitimate transactions on with the following exceptions: 

a) the purchase of certain special promotional items, such as items from the super deals channel; 

b) the purchase of promotional items offering cash back;

c) certain regions are not allowed to use coupons.

l Coupons must be used within its validity period.

l Coupons cannot be stacked. You can only use one coupon per purchase.

l If the coupon specifies a minimum purchase price, the price of your purchase must be equal to or more than the minimum specified purchase price in order to use the coupon.

l If you cancel a purchase, the refunded amount will be based on the amount you paid, for example, the order amount is 10 dollars and the discount from the coupon is 2 dollars, you will be refunded equal to or less than $8, depending on the situation.

l Paudi reserves the right to cancel purchases in violation of the above rules. Paudi reserves the right to cancel promotional offers at any time.

l Platform coupons are not legal currency and cannot be circulated or exchanged.

l Paudi has the right of final interpretation.

2. Unpaid Purchases

After making an order, you will have to make payment, otherwise the transaction will be canceled. If sufficient stock of the item is still available, you can purchase the item again.

3. Abuse of platform terms and conditions

If there is a problem with your purchase, you can contact us. Please do not abuse the buyer protection agreement, for example:

l Keeping dispute cases open even after receiving a refund;

l Opening a case as retaliation against a seller;

l Making false or unreasonable claims against a seller;

l Claiming no receipt after receiving the item;

l Claiming that an item differs from its description, when the item’s condition is consistent with its listing description;

l Threatening sellers with dispute cases in order to obtain additional gifts and services when the received items are consistent with the description.

What is reasonable:

l If the seller does not solve your problem, you can open a dispute case;

l If you received an item that does not match the description, you can open a dispute case;

l If you did not receive the item and cannot reach the seller after 60 days, you can contact our customer service center or choose to get a refund.

l Make sure you follow Paudi Modell policies, otherwise Paudi Modell has the right to cancel your purchasing privileges or even close your account and the associated account number;

4.Communication Policy

We encourage our users to communicate openly on the platform, but do not condone the following forms of communications from our buyers and sellers:

l Junk mail – We do not allow our sellers to send spam to users without permission;

l Selling items from other platforms on Paudi;

l Intimidation, insults, or hate speech.

Make sure you follow Paudi Modell policies, otherwise the platform has the right to block your messages, cancel your purchasing privileges or even close your account;

5. Feedback Policy

You can not manipulate the product ratings by any means.

Paudi Modell allows you to give feedback on items after you completed an order.

Specific terms and conditions are as follows:

  •  Fake feedback                                  

l You can not manipulate a ratings with fake feedback.

l You can not make repeated purchases from a seller for the sake of providing positive feedback in exchange for goods or services from the Paudi Modell;

l You can not increase the item score by working with others or by registering new accounts;

l Other improper means of obtaining items or services

  • Feedback Extortion:

You can not leave negative feedback to Paudi Modell for something that is not a part of the standard service or original product listing. For example:

l Applying for the return of items or services that do not match the description and price of the original item;

l Returning items that are not on the list of purchases;

l Other improper means of obtaining items or services.

Make sure you follow Paudi Modell policies, otherwise Paudi Modell has the right to cancel your purchasing privileges or even close your account and the associated account number.

6. Feedback Manipulation

Feedback manipulation refers to any improper means of boosting a seller’s feedback ratings in exchange for personal gains. No one is allowed to manipulate feedback.

The following feedback manipulations are strictly prohibited:

l Using multiple accounts to purchase the same product and leave feedback;

l Deliberately purchasing from Paudi Modell in order to improve the item’s sales or search rankings.