How much does a custom diecast model car cost?

When it comes to diecast model car, I believe that many friends are not unfamiliar with them, because nowadays many young people like to pursue some high class life, and custom diecast model car can also reflect the taste of the owner. The most important thing is that the model car can be collected as a kind of hobby goods, with the passage of time and the scarcity of circulating products, it will have a great value of collection. So, how much does a custom model car cost in general? I will briefly introduce it for you.

diecast model car scale

1、What is a custom model car?

In many occasions, we can see some custom-made diecast model car. In fact, custom-made model car are mainly customized according to the needs of enterprises. Enterprises can request materials, parts, shapes, colors, etc. of the model car according to their requirements, and the manufacturer will design and mass produce according to the requirements.

2、How much does a custom-made model car cost in general?

Generally speaking, the cost of custom model car is mainly composed of four parts, which are drawing cost, hand board cost, mold cost and production unit price. If you want to customize the model car, first of all, you need to determine the scale of the model car, for example, a 1:18 model car, and then plan the material, function and fine (quality) of the model car respectively, and after determining these details, start to collect and take photos of the real vehicle’s appearance, interior and other data. Then the structure is 3D designed according to the pre-design plan respectively, and the hand boards are made using 3D printing. The cost of these hand boards is around $10,000, and then different molds are made according to the density of the auto parts, and the cost of the molds will range from $90,000 to $150,000 depending on the degree of fineness. Due to the relatively high price of custom diecast model car, basically only car factories or model car brands will have the demand for custom diecast model car because they not only have the strength but also the demand, and this kind of custom diecast model car is difficult for the general public to afford.

Model car parts
Model car diecast parts

3、Why do I have to make molds for custom diecast model car?

There are many people may ask the question, since the price of the mold is said to be so expensive, can I not do it? Actually, the answer is no. It is very difficult to make a model car if there is no mold. Especially for some car parts, because different car parts, their shape and proportion are different. If the same parts are difficult to assemble into another model, so you have to make a separate set of molds to do so.

4. Why are custom diecast model car so expensive?

Since the price of custom diecast model car is much higher than ordinary diecast model car (toys), why are custom diecast model car so expensive? In fact, the main reason is that the cost of the mold is more expensive. Generally speaking, the mold is composed of a mold base and a mold core. The cost of the mold base is relatively rough, and the most important thing is the mold core. The structure of the mold core is relatively precise and complex, and the processing is very difficult. It requires a high cost to complete. If you want to make a complete set of Mold core needs to invest a lot of labor cost and time cost, these costs far exceed the cost of the material itself.

diecast model car

How much does a custom model car cost in general? After reading the above, I believe you have an understanding of the price of custom diecast model car. Generally speaking, custom diecast model car are much higher than ordinary toy models, but custom diecast model car can meet the actual needs of enterprises, especially during the promotion of new cars on the market, which can help enterprises to implant the image of new products into the hearts of potential customers. Compared with millions of dollars in advertising costs, the value of diecast model car is obviously the best choice for the best value. In addition to the role of promoting new products in the early stage, after several years, these customized diecast model car also gradually become part of the car culture of the car company itself, which can be displayed and collected, so it is a multi-benefit.

Do you think it’s the best value for money to have a custom model car made by a car company? You are welcome to leave your comments.

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