PaudiModel Dealers Registration Guide

PaudiModel Channel Policy Principles

The principle of PaudiModel channel policy is “to work and collaborate on a win-win basis.”
Work and collaborate: Maximize the value for our channel partners and customers by motivating channel partners to explore the market and promote PaudiModel’s brand in the enterprise business market.

Classification of Channel Partners

Tier 1 Partners include Distributors.
Tier 2 Partners include Gold, Silver, and Authorized Partners.
Registered Partners are Channel Partners who have successfully registered based on PaudiModel’s Enterprise  Channel partner registration process. Partner registration is a prerequisite for business cooperation with PaudiModel and channel certification.

Structure of Channel Partners

Roles of Distributors
• Act as major partners of PaudiModel’s Enterprise in regional markets and promise to attain business targets for related products, including targets for the distribution business.
• Recruit and manage Tier 2 Partners, achieve coverage for regional markets, and assist PaudiModel in managing and supporting Tier 2 Partners, including logistics,, pre-sales technical support, post-sales technical support, and commercial support.