Infiniti 350GT Skyline Hybrid

Infiniti 350GT Skyline Hybrid

In the Impression to Skyline, are always combined with the GTR, that is simplicity of the pure, movement, and pursuit of performance. However, since the appear of the R35 GTR, meas the separation of Skyline and GTR, GTR pursuit to the function , Skyline gradually tendency to luxury and everyday-driving. But Skyline did not forget the original intention of the campaign, so the minimum allocation is also a 3.0 with  2.0T engine ; If you do not mind the tax of car , you can choose 3.7 self-absorption; If you need more powerful power output, you can Choose 3.0T; If you want more, and want to be friends with polar bears and Antarctic penguins, you can choose the protagonist of this article: Skyline Hybrid 3.5L.

Paudi model, a production of Infiniti as the main products of the company , six months ago to bring us Skyline Hybrid model. Some players are clear to Paudi products, they are all work pretty good, and now we have to look at how this model!

Skyline’s headstock is very sharp, full of powerful, in fact, the sharp in the whole car body can be seen. This angle can see the body lines, how dynamic. For an alloy model, these complex lines are performance very good, but the alloy model of the gap and the edge of the rough need to be further improved.

Headlights have Rich details,the upper and lower air intake network are hollow,chrome pieces have sharp edges, product quality are very good,the front work is very satisfactory overall.HYBRID words etching chip affixed to a more solid; chassis moderate height.the same as most domestic cars, driving mirror can be foldabled,very good,but a little fly in the ointment is like the dead fish eyes .Wheel steering angle is very large, easy to play.

rear-wheel hub is also detail, where the exhaust pipe very thick, seems larger than the original .

Personally prefer the back side of model, because it highlights her waist line, full but clear lines; huge exhaust pipe is slightly larger than the real car, but also consistent with Infiniti movement style , rear track is a little short, But not very serious,the car rear overall work well.

Here is the most obvious part  is paint, amplified pixel will be very exaggerated,the grainy too much. In fact, 1/18 model, it is difficult to avoid the grainy metallic paint, so in my opinion ,it is not necessarily require metal paint, as long as polished enough flat, ordinary paint can make a good effect.

Skyline chrome pieces of good texture, 350GT etching film is affixed very solid,but tail cover gap is slightly wider, need to be improved. The the edge of tailgate is slightly burr,exhaust pipe edge is not sharp enough, but the large caliber full of the sense of movement.

Hinge + hydraulic rod embodies the sincerity of Pudi, the hood opening angle is large enough, the hood is also have color even though in the inside.



Paudi’s model has not let us down, Work very attentively, this we all can see. But have to say, models are relatively common, the audience may be relatively narrow, so may only Nissan / Infiniti fans will collect this car. we hope that your product line can be more broad!


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