Infiniti Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models

Nissan started development on its Infiniti division during the early 1980s. The idea was to develop luxury cars that could compete with renowned and well established brands in the market. However, Infiniti could not have possibly existed without the help of Acura. Honda’s sub division, proved to be more of an inspiration for Japanese car manufacturers to produce high performance luxury cars, which are on par with other European and luxury American cars like Porsche, Lincoln and even Ferrari. That being said, in this article you will read everything there is to know about the Infiniti logo, the company’s history, other important information and major events along with a list of current models.



The Beginning of Infiniti



Infiniti was formally introduced by Nissan in North America in 1989. Since Nissan’s mainstream image meant its luxury cars could not be taken seriously, Infiniti was introduced as a separate sub division to export luxury and expensive cars to the United States. Initially, two models were launched, the M30 and the Q45. Each of these vehicles improved upon existing Nissan technologies and offered innovative features like shorter wheelbase platforms. Not only were these vehicles visually appealing, but they housed powerful engines with four wheel steering and an active suspension system, which was unheard of in the case of Nissan. Considering its features, the Q45 and the M30 proved to be incredibly competitive against top-notch automotive manufacturers like Jaguar, BMW, Cadillac, and even Mercedes.


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