Infiniti car model

How many people like Infiniti simulation car model

The reason why many players like the simulated car models produced by paudi is not because of the appearance of the car model, but the solid foundation of the paudi model manufacturer, which can make the Infiniti model a high-simulation charm, which can meet the detailed control of the car mechanical structure.

The 1/18 scale simulation car model used multiple parts to interpret this Infiniti Q70L 2014 high-quality simulation car. Its body is made of alloy material, front and rear wheel suspension, four doors can be opened, and the engine cover can be Open, you can clearly see the components of the engine, the rear door can be opened, and the hydraulic simulation support rod.

simulation car model

This simulated car model brand with a leather gift box improves the quality of the model. The internal foam box protects the model, and is equipped with a pair of tweezers and a microfiber car cleaning cloth. The blister protective cover is more than the original pearl cotton wrap. Simple to use, better visual effect. A plastic base is also added to the bottom of the model, which can effectively protect the tire from direct force.

The interior seats are still restored with leather materials. Touching the surface of the leather seats can feel the delicate lubrication of the sheepskin material. And the steering wheel of this high-simulation car model can even see the traces of the hand-wrapped leather. Gently. Rotate the steering wheel, the front wheel will slowly follow it (it is not a simple 1:1 rotation, it feels that the steering system of the model is driven by a small internal gear), the rotation angle is not large, about 15-20 degrees between.

Finally, it is the turn of the hood of the Infiniti car model. It takes some patience and meticulousness when opening it. Use tweezers to carefully untie the belt from the small metal belt buckle, and then gently lift the spring hooks on both sides. Flip open the double-wing hinged hood. A 1/18 scale Infiniti Q70L 2014 high-quality simulation car model is presented in front of you, and you can enjoy it to your heart’s content.

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