MG ZS Tommy Hilfiger

Recently, MG ZS and a limited edition models officially debut. The new car is the Jazz ZS and clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger) jointly launched the limited edition models – MG ZS Tommy Hilfiger customized version. It is reported that the car is based on the cash “MG ZS automatically enjoy the Internet version” models to build, the final price or will be released in November.

The appearance of the new car or the use of special body coating, cabin cover, the rear end of the Tommy Hilfiger brand with blue and white red three-color flower, the front fender, side skirt with brand and LOGO. The new car based on SAIC SSA platform development, size positioning in the small SUV, the wheelbase of 2585mm.

The new car in the control board and other details will also join the denim fabric, co-pilot in front of the console marked “My Tommy & my MG” words; which, the new car seat with leather + denim fabric stitching, and use blue White and trumpet; and in the cushion, headrest, armrest on the control letter H. In addition, the new car is also equipped with panoramic sunroof, 8-inch control panel, intelligent interconnection system and voice control and other configurations.

The new car equipped with 1.5L engine, the maximum output power of 120 horsepower, matching 4-speed automatic transmission.

Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger) is the United States one of the leading brands of leisure, its clothing with “American classic” + “cool” design style. It seems that the MG and Tommy tone may be very consistent … … they have a unique “style” design, are the pursuit of the classic, alternative, and the quality of life.

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