Mini Edition Blackfriars

Recently, MINI official announced that by the end of December launched a special edition called Mini Edition Blackfriars models. The new car is named after the famous Blackfriars station in the UK and will be sold exclusively for the French market.

Mini Edition Blackfriars and basic models in the appearance of the basic consistent. With a cool black body color, and in the fender, B column and C column, etc. added a special nameplate and painting. In addition the new car is also equipped with LED headlamps, 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels and panoramic sunroof and other configurations.

Interior, the new car with a unique Diamond Carbon Black black leather, and equipped with car Bluetooth, car navigation and 6.5-inch multimedia display.

It is understood that, Mini Edition Blackfriars will be dedicated to the French market, will launch, including MINI One, MINI Cooper, three-door version, five-door version and equipped with steam, diesel engine, including different combinations, including eight versions

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