Model Car Return to Jurassic Park-part 1

Model Car Return to Jurassic

Title: Return to Jurassic

director:YI zhai car owners

Tiguan and Beetle went to the destination

Reach the destination

To ensure safety, police with us

Let’s go, Return to Jurassic

Nearly the destination

A feeling of big movie

Full of mysterious and frightening door

Beetle first to enter

Beetle driving along the road

Tiguan in the next

Into the forest

Several small dinosaurs appeared

A huge triangle suddenly appeared

Tiguan met the dragon

Police cars followed the Beetle met the trigone

Triceratops not friendly to police car

Police cars speed up, Triangle dragon ran to the hillside

Beatles and Tiguan convergence

Triceratops and dragons fight up

A python swam over

If you want to know more, look forward to the next chapter.


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