Model Car Return to Jurassic Park-part 2

Model Car Return to Jurassic

Title: Return to Jurassic

director:YI zhai car owners

The python climbed along the Tiguan

Pythons crawl to the Beatles, the situation is urgent

Halberd dragon roared loudly, python scare away

Terrible halberd dragon want to eat people

Triceratops come to fight

Two dragons bite each other, very bloody

Halberd Dragon is clearly can not fight Triangle dragon

Halberd dragon failure, before leave, take the python to vent his anger

Triceratops Continue to chase halberd

The Beatles went on, pterosaur fly over

Sword dragon blocking the road

Stegosaurus passing

Let’s watch what happening in the police car

Edmonton Dragon cross the road, police car hate this behavior

Don’t look down this two young dragones, lethality is not small

Police car is not smart to get too close the dragones

Small Tyrannosaurus rex toward the police car

Police cars speed up want to escape

Tiguana met Soviet Dragon, the police car in there right now

A bold people out of the car

If you want to know more, look forward to the next chapter.


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