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How to distinguish simulation car model customization

How to distinguish the true and false of the simulation car Customization?

Let a person believe that a well-funded simulation of car model enthusiasts, can not be collected to hundreds of car models around? But facing the real and fake consumer market, facing the temptation of simulating car model, the collector of simulating car model, how to distinguish the authenticity of simulation car? Along with the simulation car model enthusiasts, to explain how to distinguish between the true and the false models:

The manufacturers of automobile models indicate that only real models of simulation vehicles are valuable for collection, and the models of simulation vehicles shall have standard proportions, real models, fine manufacturing and original manufacturer authorization. Ordinary enthusiasts of simulation vehicle models shall pay attention to the following four points when collecting simulation vehicle models:

Simulation Car Model Customization

Four Tips for Simulating Car Models?

1、 The customization of the model of a simulated car must have the original model, which is reduced according to a certain standard proportion. The general proportion is 1: 12, 1: 18, 1: 24, 1: 43 and 1: 87, etc. The precision of the proportion with the original model is one of the important standards for measuring the manufacturing level of a simulated car model. And the size design of the toy car can be large or small, and is very random.

2、 Manufacturers of simulated model cars will not make any modification or exaggeration to the appearance of the prototype cars, and will not imagine a car out of thin air. Moreover, many manufacturers of toy model cars will often modify the model cars at will according to the consumers’ preferences and the limitations of production technology, and can even imagine designing the prototype cars that do not exist in reality.

3、 The model is made of high-grade metal material and plastic, and the requirement of processing technology is high.

4、 When making a certain type of car, it is necessary to obtain the permission of the manufacturer of the car model, otherwise it will infringe upon the intellectual property rights, so the model maker may need to pay a certain fee. To make high-precision models, the original manufacturer needs to provide technical support and accurate data so as to make high-precision models. And these are not needed by toy designers.

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